Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 1

A day.
Isn't it the most amazing thing? Is it something that seems so rudimentary, but has the potential to be so special or so soul-destroying in the same short period. A day of course, is just that, a mere 24 hour period of time. Many of which I'm sure just pass you by (as do they for me) without the slightest notion of what you have achieved, could have achieved and are achieving. But maybe, just maybe, if we all took a moment to stop and view our surroundings, to see the big picture in what we are doing, then maybe, just maybe, you and I could achieve so much more.

It is truely amazing how little things can affect you in such a big way. A small work related discussion has inspired me for this little post, which in turn has inspired me to make a blog and although I have not yet achieved anything, taking a look at the big picture, even if I just use this blog to document and learn from my mistakes and decisions, then it will make me a better and brighter person, no matter what else happens in my days.

Even in the fast paced world that is 2011, take a breather, step back and review because..
You'll truely see how amazing you are as a person and the amazing things you do.
Every. Single. Day.

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